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Flintshire Autogas carry out servicing and repairs on all makes of vehicle whether they are petrol, diesel or LPG.


  • Complete car serving to manufacturers' specifications

  • Full diagnostic capabilities – latest computer diagnostic equipment

  • Petrol – Diesel – LPG engines - Repairs to all models

  • Exhausts Brakes Batteries Clutches Cam-belts

  • Pre-MOT tests 4 x 4 and vans Competitive pricing

  • Pick-up and drop off facility available

  • Courtesy cars available on request

  • Over 30 years' experience


Flintshire Autogas Services are agents for BRC, Prins, AG, NME, OMVL and Vauxhall Necam.


A LPG system should receive an inspection annually and this should be carried out by a LPGA approved installer.

LPG is a greener, cleaner, and cheaper fuel available in the UK today.


Did you know...?

  • LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. 

  • There are over 1300 public access vehicle refuelling sites in the UK

  • LPG is far cheaper than petrol or diesel because of the lower fuel duty imposed by the Chancellor. It is approximately half the cost per litre of petrol.

  • LPG has an excellent safety record in storage, transportation and use. Tests have shown that LPG is safer because its more robust fuel tank is more resistant to impact damage.

  • LPG is well established worldwide as an environmentally friendly transport fuel in use in over 12 million vehicles.

  • In addition to being an automotive fuel, LPG is widely used in domestic, commercial and agricultural situations and for leisure heating and cooking.

  • Reductions in emissions from LPG have led the Government to offer a variety of incentives to encourage motorists to convert to LPG.

  • If the vehicle is dual-fuel the petrol tank can still be used alongside LPG and can therefore be used as back up in the event of running out of LPG.

  • Do not forget to inform the vehicle's insurance company and the DVLA about your LPG conversion.

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