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A+++++ Very good installation centre for gas conversion. - 25 Nov


Flintshire Autogas Services is the place to go if you need a LPG conversion. They have very good, skilled technicians with high skill troubleshooting experience. They have fixed all the problems with my gas converted BMW. I am very happy with my car now... running same as petrol car..


I suggest everyone goes there, get advice and convert!




Hi, I am writing to let anyone interested in having your autogas vehicle repaired this is the place to go. I have a Vauxhall Astra dual fuel van that I was having problems with, after using Vauxhall in Colwyn Bay (and paying main dealer costs) the problem was better but never right.  I spoke to Flintshire Autogas Services and was told on the phone what the problem could be. I took my van as agreed and

this time it has been fixed and serviced at less than a third of the main dealer costs.

Thank you Flintshire Autogas

James Booth


Well done to Flintshire Autogas Services for their accreditation as a Millbrook Approved Installer for GSI Dualfuel Systems for Vauxhall vehicles.


As one of the main LPG converters in North Wales, Flintshire Autogas, is supplied with LPG from Flogas, and provides a reputable service to several large LPG fleet operators in the surrounding region, including Conwy County Borough Council and Humberside Police. Flintshire Autogas offers valuable support for the maintenance and care of Conwy Council’s fleet of LPG vehicles.


Conwy Council aims to have the greenest fleet in Wales, so it’s good news that they have Flintshire Autogas on hand to offer help and expertise. Around seventy five vehicles owned by the council have been converted to use LPG, and their larger vehicles, which are unsuitable for conversion, have been fitted with filters to minimize air pollution.

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